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Money, money

Networks of obligations seem to be inherent in social life. Redemption is embedded in our stories and practised religion, forms of credit systems always existed, but only recently did they form market economies, where money is tied to labor cost. Money has become an entity of its own. Once everything gets done with money, it becomes a way to measure reality. How many folktales warn us of its illcomings, yet none could describe how this medium would persist and become the fabric of social relationships. This show is an attempt to portray that money has become something more than just a form of credit, and explores the various forms in which it relates to us. 

The show follows a rough timeline. Beginning anywhere around the abandonment of the gold standard and the peak of western internal productive capacity, following the establishment of  the neoliberal order and its first huge crash, to wonder what this new reality means for us, the fragility of markets and our relationship with money.

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